Ask Ireland to ban fur farming: sign our letter

In September, the Solidarity Party will present a Bill to ban fur farming before the Dail. The ‘Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill 2018’ will be submitted by Ruth Coppinger TD, who states:
“We believe this is something that’s really important for the welfare of animals. Mink are what are farmed in Ireland and these are actually meant to be wild, untamed animals – not put in confined spaces, certainly not farmed. They suffer from this practice enormously. We want to send a message globally that Ireland shouldn’t be a laggard in terms of animal rights and animal welfare as it has been in many other situations. We also want to dent the fur trade as well. So we are asking people to really get behind our bill over the summer and to contact their TDs to support it.”
Respect for Animals has previously been involved in the anti-fur campaign in Ireland and is working with Irish campaign groups and politicians ahead of the Bill’s submission.
Please add your details below to sign our letter to the Irish Ambassador, urging Ireland to ban fur farming: