Bradford College

Detailed Information

Here is Bradford College University Centre’s response to our Freedom of Information request:

Q: Does your HE establishment have a policy on the use of fur?

A:  No we don’t have a policy but our Fashion Lecturers do ensure that students are aware that they do not use fur on the Fashion Programmes.  In the past animal charities have been into the College to educate HE students on the fur industry. 

Where the use of fur has been considered in the past, discussions have taken place with the Fashion Lecturers and students concerned whereby the students changed their minds.

Q: Does real fur feature in any of your fashion or design courses, and if so, in what way?

A: No it does not feature in anyway apart from discussions on not using it.

Q: What financial support, including sponsored competitions do you receive from the fur industry?

A: We no longer take part in graduate fashion week and therefore do not get sight of the fur promoting information associated with this event and companies.

Q: Does your HE establishment allow or facilitate the fur industry to promote design competitions, summer schools, sponsorships, internships, or scholarships?

A: We would not allow the fur industry to promote any of our fashion events.


This university discourages the use of fur but has no written policy to support this.

Please urge the University to adopt a written fur free policy.  Email: Dr Naomi Sharples, Dean Higher Education,