Cardiff Metropolitan University

Detailed Information

Here is Cardiff Metropolitan University’s response to our Freedom of Information request:

Q: Does your HE establishment have a policy on the use of fur?

A:  Cardiff Met has no explicit statement on the use of fur or engagement with the ‘fur industry’. We do have a University Ethics Framework ( In which there is a section as follows:

Implementation of the Ethics Framework

“In order to ensure that the values reflected by the Ethics Framework are maintained, when undertaking activities, staff, students and governors should ask themselves the following questions: Is the action legal? Is the action fair? Will I be proud of it? Does it comply with Cardiff Met’s values? What would other people think of it? Will it hurt, disadvantage or offend anyone? Do I think it is wrong? If you are not sure, ask until you are sure.”

We also have a policy on work involving animals or animal material ( which includes a section as follows:

“Without exception, ethics approval must be sought for projects which involve working with animals, whether they be alive or dead. Approval must be sought from the University Ethics Committee and work must not commence until approval has been granted.

When an application for ethics approval is received, a subcommittee of UEC will be convened to consider the application. The group will include at least one member with knowledge of the subject area of the application. The group will endeavour to feedback to the PI as soon as possible after receipt of the application and will not be constrained by the extant timetable of UEC meetings.

For projects involving live animals, in line with Cardiff Met Ethics Framework, work must be undertaken in the spirit of ensuring the welfare of the animals involved in the project and any ethics application received by UEC regarding such a project will be considered with this in mind.”

These matters are partly a matter of opinion and judgement although The Chair of UEC has states that he would not consider engagement with the fur industry as morally defensible.

Q: Does real fur feature in any of your fashion or design courses, and if so, in what way?

A: Fur does not feature on our Fashion and/or design courses

Q: What financial support, including sponsored competitions do you receive from the fur industry?

A: We receive no support from the fur industry

Q: Does your HE establishment allow or facilitate the fur industry to promote design competitions, summer schools, sponsorships, internships, or scholarships?

A:  We have no engagement with the above or any other fur-related activities

This university discourages the use of fur but has no written policy to support this.

Please urge the University to adopt a written fur free policy.  Email: Professor Steve Gill, Chair of University Ethics Committee: