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Here is University for the Creative Arts response to our Freedom of Information request:

Q: Does your HE establishment have a policy on the use of fur?

A: No

Q: Does real fur feature in any of your fashion or design courses, and if so, in what way?

A: No

Q: What financial support, including sponsored competitions do you receive from the fur industry?

A: None

Q: Does your HE establishment allow or facilitate the fur industry to promote design competitions, summer schools, sponsorships, internships, or scholarships?

A: We offer the annual BFTA fur competition, as a project to the final year students, but this is not compulsory


This university has no clear stance on the use of fur.

Real fur is cruel and unnecessary. Please urge the University to adopt a fur free policy.  Email: Professor Thomass Atkinson, Professor of Fashion Education, Head of the School Fashion,