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Here is University of Northampton’s response to our Freedom of Information request:

Q: Does your HE establishment have a policy on the use of fur?

A: The University does not have any specific policies on the use of fur or on funding from the fur industry. Our students are free to make their own decisions based on their beliefs as to whether or not they choose to use fur. Many of our students enjoy using fake fur but the University would not discourage a student who felt strongly that they would like to use fur in their collection.

Q: Does real fur feature in any of your fashion or design courses, and if so, in what way?

A: The compulsory use of fur does not feature in any of our courses or the modules of those courses

Q: What financial support, including sponsored competitions do you receive from the fur industry?

A: The University does not receive any funding from the fur industry

Q: Does your HE establishment allow or facilitate the fur industry to promote design competitions, summer schools, sponsorships, internships, or scholarships?

A: The University does not allow or facilitate members of the fur industry to promote any of the activities you have listed above


This university has no clear stance on the use of fur.

Real fur is cruel and unnecessary. Please urge the University to adopt a fur free policy.  Email: Caroline SouthernWood, Senior Lecturer in Fashion,; Caroline Lloyd, Senior Lecturer in Fashion,; Emma Rigby, Senior Lecturer in Fashion,; Dorota Watson, Senior Lecturer in Fashion,