Gosport Borough Council

Gosport Borough Council has the following markets: Gosport Market (Tuesday and Saturday)

Here is the Council’s response to our Freedom of Information request:

Q: Do you allow stall holders at your markets to sell real fur? (including small items such as knitted hats with fur bobbles, or key rings with fur trims etc.

A: We would ask stall holders to withdraw products if brought to our notice

Although the council agreed to consider our Fur Free Markets scheme, they have since informed us:

it has been decided that for the time being our informal policy of not allowing fur is sufficient.

This is disappointing.  No market can ever be fur free if it has a policy of being reactive rather than proactive.

Please urge the Council to join the official Fur Free Markets scheme by contacting Councillor Graham Burgess, Chair of Community Board, email: graham.burgess@gosport.gov.uk